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Fourth Grade Curriculum
English Language Arts 
 Fourth graders spend more energy and time in the English Language Arts on 'reading to learn' rather than 'learning to read.' Of course, Spalidng spelling, phonograms and handwriting continues with cursive handwriting used in all work. Comprehension strategies, while taught in K--3, are heavily emphasized in 4th grade, as the text becomes longer and more complicated.  Fourth grade continues with the HMH Journeys materials in reading and also offers an above grade level materials to help meet student needs. Fourth graders work to develop their skills at responding to both informational and literary texts at increasingly more difficult levels of complexity.  Students are asked to justify responses "with evidence from the text" and will text as evidence when writing persuasive or argumentative essays.
Again, our Math is  at the fifth grade level where th eprogram shares the emphasis of decimal number operations found within the AZ College and Career Ready Standards.   Repeated practice and mental math calculations allow students to develop fluency in the 4 basic processes. Critical areas for instruction are: developing fluency with the addition and subtraction of fractions, multiplying fractions and an introduction to division of fractions; developing an understanding of and fluency with division of multi-digit whole numbers;  fluency and understanding of the 4 processes with decimals; and an understanding of volume.