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  • Around the Realm 3/28/14

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 3/28/2014

    AIMS testing April 8 – April 11: AIMS testing is quickly approaching. Here are a few important reminders that you can do to help your student do his/her best:

     Make sure he/she gets plenty of rest and a good breakfast

     Be well-hydrated: Remind them to drink water (not caffeine). The brain performs better when it has plenty of water.

     Remind your child to read through the directions on the test carefully and underline important information as they go.

     Remind your child to take their time. The AIMS test is not a timed test. We can make arrangements for any students that need more time for completion.

     Remind your child to relax: AIMS is just one test. - It is important that every student takes it seriously and does his/her best, but they should not stress out about it.

     Be on time to school: Arriving when the test begins puts the student at a disadvantage right from the start. Make sure your child arrives to school with plenty of time to get settled before the testing begins.

     Try to avoid scheduling appointments during AIMS week. We will not be able to interrupt a testing session to call a student down to the office to leave early. Nor will students be allowed to leave in the middle of a testing session. If an appointment cannot be avoided, we ask that your student not start the exam. Although not timed, all AIMS exams must be completed in one sitting. In order to avoid having a student rush through an exam, we prefer to have them take the exam on one of the scheduled make-up days (April 14th or April 15th) where they can take their time and make sure they have done their best.


    Congratulations to our Students of the Quarter for quarter 3 and their families!

    Q3 students  

    Spirit week next week!
    Monday: Pajama day

    Tuesday Spring pictures – free dress day

    Wednesday: Western Day

    Thursday: 60’s day

    Friday: Colors day  - 6th Grade: blue; 7th grade: red; 8th grade: green

    ACPO parent pick up:

    Thank you parents for your cooperation in ensuring that parent pick-up runs smoothly at ACPO. Occasionally we have a few vehicles that do not like to follow the rules and procedures put in place to ensure the safety of all students. While the rules may seem like an inconvenience, they are in place to help keep all our kids safe. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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  • Around the Realm 1/10/2014

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 1/10/2014

    pic Sobibor Death Camp Survivor field trip:  Our 8th graders went to the CCA to hear a speaker who is a survivor from the Sobibor Death camp.  The 8th graders study World War II in social studies and read the “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.” in Language Arts as part of the 8th grade curriculum.  This field trip was a powerful and sobering supplement to their classroom experience.


    ACPO 8th graders waiting for the speaker to begin

    Students of the Quarter

    Congratulations to our Q2 students of the quarter!

    Pictured with their families: Connor Bottrill, Sophia Henderson, Kate Seddon, AJ Ruffentine

    *8th grade students not pictured because of field trip and will be celebrated next week.

    CEF Raffle
    :  The CEF raffle is in full swing. This year if you purchase tickets before January 15th for the Grand prize raffle not only will you have the possibility of winning a vehicle or $20,000 cash, you also could win some early bird prizes which include a 42 inch flat screen TV, and iPad mini, a $500 gift card, Diamondback dugout tickets and some great other prizes!  Raffle tickets can be purchased in the front office at ACPO. Proceeds from the raffle benefit students in CUSD - including college scholarships for qualified seniors!

    EXPLORE results are in
    ! ACPO recorded the highest scores for all the schools in CUSD!  Way to go 8th graders! – Parents we will be hosting a meeting in January for all 8th grade parents to go over the EXPLORE results with you and help you understand what the scores mean for your child.


    Dance Dollars for Books! pics Over 100 books were purchased through the ACPO booster sponsored dollar donation for free dress before the last 7 /8 dance. Our library is getting better and better!


    Priority registration: If you have a child that you are planning to enroll next year that is not currently attending ACP be sure to submit your enrollment application by next Friday, January 17. All applications for the 2014-2015 school year are due next Friday. If you have any questions, please contact the office.


    Grades posted: All first semester grades have been posted and are available for you to review via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. If you have any questions about accessing your child’s progress via Infinite Campus, please contact the office. I want to thank our students and teachers for all their hard work last semester. Job well done!

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  • Around the Realm 12/13/2013

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 12/13/2013

    Tax Credit is easy and essential for the school!: All students were given a flier last week regarding the TAX Credit drive we are conducting at ACPO. The donations are starting to come in and we thank all of you who have donated. For those of you who have not participated yet we ask you to please consider donating today. Participating in the tax credit program is like giving a small loan to the school that participants receive back in full with their tax returns in the New Year.  Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, friends… really anyone who files an Arizona State tax return may designate their TAX Credit donation to ACPO.  Please consider (and encourage everyone you know) to participate in this very valuable program for our school!

    Please encourage your child to be studying this weekend.  Remember a little bit each day is better than cramming at the end.  Early review is proven to be the most efficient and most productive way to prepare for final exams.  Teachers have prepared study guides that review the material being tested.  Students should use the study guides provided to prepare and review for their final exams. If your child doesn’t understand the material or concepts on the study guide, please encourage them to speak to their teacher right away.

    Early Exams:
    Remember that per district policy, no early examinations will be allowed.  In the event that your child is absent or out-of-town, they will need to make up their final exam within the first two weeks of our return from winter break. Your child’s final exam score will be a zero until they make-up the exam. Once the exam has been taken, their final exam grade will be entered and their semester grade changed appropriately. A new report card will then be given to the students. 


    We do not interrupt exams to release students out of class that need to leave early.  If your student has to leave early for an appointment, please tell them not to begin the final exam and come to the office early. They may take the exam after they return from break.  School is released early on Wednesday and Thursday for finals.  Release time is at 12:32pm and busses will be running.  Please make appropriate transportation arrangements for your student to leave campus at the released time. Kids Express will be available.

    Next Year registration
    : Students are already registering for class for next year at ACPO.  If you have questions or are not sure about a selection, feel free to stop in.  ACPO students automatically matriculate from Oakland to Erie at the end of their 8th grade year. Student registration will be handled for Erie shortly after they return from winter break. Erie staff will be coming over to register our students and talk about course offering and opportunities.


    EXPLORE results are in! ACPO recorded the highest scores for all the schools in CUSD!  Way to go 8th graders! – Parents we will be hosting a meeting in January for all 8th grade parents to go over the EXPLORE results with you and help you understand what the scores mean for your child.


    kid ACPO Student spotlight: Porter O’Doherty, 6th grade ACP - Oakland, won 1st place at the Regional Competition for the FIRST Robotics Program on Saturday, December 7th.  He and his team competed against 30 other regional teams who designed and programed autonomous robots to score points by navigating through obstacles and accomplish predetermined tasks within a certain time limit.  Their team, The RoboCreepers, was excited when the learned that they had accumulated the highest amount of points during the all-day competition to get First Place. robo


    Porter O’Doherty and the RoboCreepers have been invited to compete at the State Competition held at ASU on Saturday, December 14th where the best teams from Arizona will compete for the State Championship.


    About FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a robotics program for 9 – 18 year olds designed to get children excited about science and technology – and teach them valuable employment and life skills.  FIRST is a widely recognized Robotics Program with more than 20,000 teams competing in 70 different countries around the world each year.  FIRST is also recognized as a valuable extracurricular activity by many of the country’s best universities like MIT.




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  • Around the Realm 11/27/2013

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 11/27/2013
    MPORTANT! - Tax Credit drive next week!: We need you to help support ACPO students by giving a Tax Credit contribution.  Arizona allows an individual to contribute up to $200, and a married couple to contribute up to $400 to a public school of your choice.  When you file your Arizona State tax return you subtract that from what you owe or add it on to what you get back.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  Your contribution goes directly to the school and program you designate. If you have multiple students at different locations, please consider dividing up your contribution between sites.  Anyone can donate that pays taxes to the state. In the enclosure you will find the tax credit brochure.  You can contribute online at (be sure to choose ACP-Oakland) or bring your Tax Credit form and check/cash payment to the ACP-O Office.  All credit card payments must be paid on-line.  Contributions must be received no later than Dec. 31st of the tax year in which you want to use the credit.  Thanks in advance for all you do to help ACPO and our students! 
    Tax credit page 1p

    :  Next week teachers in the Academic Lab will be meeting with every student to go through their past AIMS data and setting target goals for this year. The goal sheets will be sent home with the student for a parent/guardian to sign.  ACPO does not believe in “teaching to the test.” To help ensure that our kids do well, we target key concepts through brief skills reviews in math and language arts throughout the year.  Most of the time the reviews in are done in the form of warm-up exercises in class.  It is imperative that students take these review opportunities seriously.  Because we set our goals at ACPO and base our curriculum decisions on the needs of our students, it is imperative that the data we are using is accurate.  If it is not accurate to our specific student needs then we are not utilizing our resources wisely and we will miss the mark helping our students improve to their maximum capability. Your support from home is vital!  Please look for the goal sheets next week and stress the importance of always doing your best on the review activities.

    6th grade Athletics
    : Starting in January, 6th grade students will be able to participate in Jr. High athletics.  The sports offered in quarter 3 are:  wrestling, girls’ basketball, and boys’ baseball.  6th graders can try out to be on the 7th grade teams.  There is not a separate 6th grade team because the other comprehensive junior high schools in the EVC do not offer 6th grade - except for Anderson Junior High.  This is a great opportunity for our 6th grade athletes!

    Course enrollment/selections for next year
    :  Mrs. O’Donnal will be going into classrooms in the next 2 weeks to go through the course enrollment information for next year with our current students.  If you have questions, feel free to contact her at 480-224-3928.

    EXPLORE results are in
    !:  There will be a special meeting for 8th grade parents in January to talk about the EXPLORE test and the results for your student.  Watch for more information in the coming newsletters.


    Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Around the Realm 11/8/13

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 11/12/2013

    ACPO named to the 2013 NCEA Higher Performing Schools List for the state of Arizona!: NCEA identifies Higher Performing Schools based on one or both of two measures: 1) consistent improvement in student achievement from previous years and/or 2) an above predicted percentage of continuously enrolled students scoring at the Exceeds level on AIMS.  Great job ACPO students, staff and families!

    Tax Credit:
    Did you know you can support ACPO students by giving a Tax Credit contribution?  Arizona allows an individual to contribute up to $200, and a married couple to contribute up to $400 to a public school of your choice.  When you file your Arizona State tax return you subtract that from what you owe or add it on to what you get back.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  Your contribution goes directly to the school and program you designate.  For more information call the ACPO office at 480-224-3930 or stop by and pick up a brochure.  Contributions must be received no later than Dec. 31st of the tax year in which you want to use the credit.

    2014 8th grade Course Registration:
    The ACPE guidance Counselor and ACPE Principal will be here on Dec 5th at 6:00pm in the cafeteria to go over high school registration, course offerings and HS expectations. It is a great time to get your questions answered and to find out about high school in general and Erie specifically.  All ACPO 8th grade families are encouraged to attend. Following the meeting, if you would like to schedule an individual appointment, ACPE staff will be available to assist from Dec 10th-12th. 8th grade shadowing Erie will be starting on November 18th.  All ACPO 8th graders will be given a shadowing opportunity. Postcards and letters will be sent home with specific information on the upcoming events within the next week.

    6/7 Course enrollment: 
    Mrs. O’Donnal will be going into classrooms before the end of the quarter to go over the 2014-2015 course enrollment information for 6th and 7th graders before the end of the quarter. (It’s hard to believe we are already planning for next year!) Students will be bringing the information home for parents to look over. They will need to return their course selection sheets as well as the open enrollment form for next year before the end of the semester.   For questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. O’Donnal.


    Q2 Mid-quarter: Friday, Nov 15th.  Parents will need to log in to Infinite Campus to see the report.  If you would like a hard copy of your student’s mid-quarter report, please contact the ACPO main office.

    Reminder - No School on Monday:
      Thank you veteran’s for your service!


    Reminder – Mashed Potato and Personal Hygiene Supplies Drive:  ACP-O is collecting instant mashed potatoes for the Chandler Care Center’s Holiday food distribution and the NJHS is collecting personal hygiene supplies for US Troops and the Chandler Care Center.  Please donate if you can! NJHS Donation Flyerpdf


    Picture retakes on Wednesday, November 13th!:  RSVP with Mrs. Wilson if you have not already done so, so she can get everyone scheduled for their retake.  Send her an e-mail.  Don’t forget! :0)

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  • Around the Realm 11/1/13

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 11/1/2013

    Hard work coupled with optimism trumps talent:


    From the Wall Street Journal; “The Saturday Essay”, 9/27/2013 by Joanne Lipman

    wall street Journal

    Send your Ballots in today!  Today is the last day to mail in your ballots for the override.  This is a mail in ballot election only.


    Quarter 2 sports:  began this week.  The cross-country teams got off to a great start this week with an impressive victory over Bogle and Newell Barney.  The girls took first place and the boys’ team finished second. 


    Safety:  We had our first combination lockdown/fire drill today and the students and staff completed the drill with 100% accuracy. The purpose was to help prepare the staff and the students for the unexpected. ACPO is committed to ensuring the safety of all our students and leads the district in safety and safety protocols.  We are very proud to be declared “The safest school in all of Chandler” by the Chandler PD.


    ACPO Alumni News:  Alexis Nichols places 1st in the city Cross Country Meet as a sophomore at CHS.  Brianna Loff placed 3rd in the city Cross Country Meet as a sophomore at HHS.   They are both running in sectionals today with a chance to go to the state meet. 

    Way to go Knights!  We are proud of you!

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  • Around the Realm 10/25/13

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 10/25/2013
    Our students had a great finish to a busy week. As you may know we culminated the week with the “black-out” bullying assembly today. Be sure and ask your student about the major points of the cyber bullying presentation. It was very informative and a poignant reminder that the internet is public domain. Never post anything that “you would not want the whole world to know.” There are three rules to always remember: Be kind – be kind – be kind! AND – parents monitor your student’s social media accounts!
    assembly 3
     rotary pic

    Thank you Sun Lakes Rotary

    ACPO was the recipient of a safety grant this week from the Sun Lakes rotary. The rotary is making it possible for ACPO to purchase 6 radios that we can place in classrooms to utilize in emergency situations. We really appreciate their generosity!  


    Tardies: We are starting to see a rise in tardies in the front office. Please remember that good attendance is a critical life skill. Failure to show up on time is the number one reason people get fired in the workforce. Please help your child learn this important skill by making sure they are at school on time.
    Please remember to send in your ballots by Nov. 1st!

    Enrollment update for next year: It is being recommended to the governing board to continue the current grade levels at ACP E and O for one more year with the strong possibility of 6th grade at Oakland not changing as long as there is room.

    Deadline for box top collection: October 29th.

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  • Around the Realm 10/18/13

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 10/18/2013

    I want to welcome back all students, parents and staff after a wonderful Fall Break! This is a fast quarter (the shortest one of the year.) We already have a lot happening next week with our 8th graders taking the ACT EXPLORE test and our campus wide anti-bullying campaign kickoff. You will see more details about each of those events below. As always I want to say thank you for all you do to support your children and ACPO!

    Grant winners: Big congratulations to Tami Kaiser (social studies) and Candy Rife (math)! Each was the recipient of a CEF grant today. Whoohoo! Thank you parents for supporting the CEF drive! Your dollars went directly to our classrooms!

    EXPLORE testing: 

    • 8th graders only
    • Tuesday and Wednesday
    • Block Schedules on Tuesday and Wednesday

    It is critical that your student be on campus to take these exams next week. Unfortunately, there are no make-up dates allowed on the EXPLORE for any students who miss the exams on Tuesday and Wednesday. The results are specifically correlated to the ACT and are a strong predictor of success on the 11th grade ACT. It is also a great resource to look at to help your student decide which courses would be the best for them to take when they move to high school. 

    Anti-Bullying awareness week:

    • We are holding our bullying awareness campaign next week. Specific lessons will be delivered to the 6th and 7th grade students while the 8th graders are taking the EXPLORE tests. The 8th graders will receive a refresher of the content during conference period later in the month. 
    • We will have a full school assembly on Friday with Chandler PD and CUSD officials about the harmful effects of Cyber bullying.
    • All students should wear black next Friday – to stress the importance of standing together to “block out” bullying.


    Harkins Cups and Gift Cards are on sale from the Booster Club

    • See the Attached flyer Harkins Flyerpdf
    • Contact Rodie Ayala- contact information is on the flyer if you have questions

    Close-up trip information meeting coming up!: Find out more!

    • Thursday, October 24th at 6pm in Oakland cafeteria
    •  Washington trip dates: June 15th-20th

    Guidelines for Success: In the attachment is a great tip sheet for students on steps they can take to help them be successful at ACPO and beyond.

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  • Around the Realm 9/27/2013

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 9/27/2013

    We had an incident this week on campus where a student shared some sugar free Gummi Bears with other students on campus.  Even though the candy is 100% legal and readily available to anyone, when ingested in certain amounts the sugar substitute in the candy can cause diarrhea. (This is something that just recently came out in the news. You can also read about it on the internet.) ACPO has a strict policy about students passing out food to other students on campus not only because we have students on campus with severe food allergies but also to prevent any food issues such as this. We take the safety of all our students very seriously and want to send out a friendly reminder that students should never share any food items with others at school unless approved by administration.   


    Booster News:

    ·        Free Dress does not always happen on dance days. (Last year it happened that the dances fell during Spirit Week so the students had free dress days when there was a dance scheduled.) Dances typically will not fall on free dress days in the future.  However, students will be allowed to change after school into appropriate dance attire. 


    Congratulations Students of the Quarter!  



    • 6th grade: Elyse Policastro, Taylor Smith
    • 7th grade: Ashley Culbertson, Alexis Correa
    • 8th grade: Jai Gruenwald, William Mustafa

    Quarter 2 Athletics:

    Try-outs for Girls Soccer and Boys Basketball will begin on Monday, October 21 after school.  Boys and girls Cross Country will also begin on this day.  More information will be available from our Athletic Department October 16-18. 

    Adolescent Brain:
    Teenagers truly are unique creatures!  If you want to read more about the day in the life of a teen, click on the PDF.

    Have a wonderful break!

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  • Around the Realm 9/20/13

    Posted by Sandy Lundberg at 9/20/2013

    Spirit Week: The students did a fantastic job this week showing school spirit!

    If you haven’t been keeping up on Facebook and Twitter, be sure and check it out.


    Below is a great example of “Multiples” Day at ACP-O!
    multiples day


    Championship game:  for 8th grade Boys soccer is Monday!  What a great season ACP has had for sports. They will play a tough opponent on Monday at Anderson Junior High.  A strong Knightly showing of support from ACPO would be awesome!

    8th Grade Boys basketball tryouts:
       There is a 15 minute informational meeting on Wednesday, Sept 25th at 2:45pm in room 5.  The meeting is not mandatory so if your child rides the bus, they do not have to worry about finding alternative transportation in order to attend this meeting.  It is an opportunity for players to meet the coach and become familiar with expectations for the team.

    Sign up to Vote
    :  If you are not registered to vote, October break is a good time to get it done! Voter registration forms are available in the office.  Stop by next week and pick one up if you need it. 

    Parent Portal Open!
      You should all have access to the parent portal and check your student’s grades.  You should have received your letter with your parent portal access code by today. Since Report Cards are not sent out at quarter time, it will be necessary to check the portal for information.  If you would like a hard copy of your student’s report card, please make your request in writing to Mrs. Wilson.


    Box Tops for Education: This quarter’s contest will run from now until Tuesday, October 29th.  See the enclosed flyer for details.
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