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AVID- Advancement Via Individual Determination
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AVID students and families, welcome to the 2013-2014 school year!  We are excited to have you in the Payne JHS AVID program.  7th Graders, you are beginning a wonderful program that will help to guide you on a path toward college, and 8th graders, you are our AVID veterans that are continuing on your advanced academic voyage.  The AVID site team is here to support and guide you toward continued success. 


AVID Coordinator: TBA
AVID Counselor: Connie Rice
AVID Elective Teachers: Chad Faria
Additional AVID Site Team Members:
  • Brad Eyanson
  • Katrina Toth
  • Jayme Herz
  • Tracy Maluski
  • Lorine Ciero
  • Christine DeWitte

An AVID student is…


A “middle to upper middle” academic student

A student who can be successful in honors courses with extra support

A student who can handle rigorous curriculum and high expectations

A student who expresses a desire to go to college but may not have parents who attended college

A student who is positive, has a good attitude, and a strong work ethic

A student who has a grade point average between 2.5 and 3.5

A student who maintains at least a “B” average consistently

A student who may come from a group that is traditionally underrepresented in 4-year universities
An AVID student is NOT…


An “at-risk” student 

A “D” or “F” student, or a student who needs remediation

A current honors student, or a student who is earning mostly A’s

A student who has trouble meeting deadlines or completing homework assignments 

A behavior problem

A student with attendance problems

A student who is unmotivated and has a poor work ethic
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Last Modified on July 16, 2013