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The Innovation Academy
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At Willis, we recognize that our educational approach must be dynamic in nature, changing to meet the diverse needs of 21st Century learners. Information, accessibility and technology are "shrinking" the world we live in, requiring students to develop new proficiencies in order to be successful in academics, and beyond.  Communication, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving and creativity are increasingly critical skills for students to develop during their educational experience.  In addition, students must learn to filter and assess the value of information, while learning to be good digital citizens.
The Innovation Academy at Willis is a blended learning program that combines instruction by traditional means, with innovative content delivered via available technologies (hardware, software, web tools, etc.).
The mission of the Willis Innovation Academy (iAcademy) is to invest in innovative practices to inspire a commitment and passion for learning.  The iAcademy staff will empower students to find to find the benefits and limitations of taking risks, identifying the blueprint for success in school and beyond.  Students participating in the iAcademy engage in the purposeful utilization of technology to address learning objectives through creative endeavors, collaboration and problem solving.  The following presentation provides more information about the iAcademy philosophy and gives a glimpse of how technology is used to enhanced the student learning experience.
The Innovation Academy has been fortunate to receive a considerable amount of positive press from local newspapers and radio stations.  The following links provide further insight into what the Willis blended learning program is all about.

In its second year, the iAcademy is serving approximately 350 seventh and eighth grade students. We strongly believe that the skills emphasized by this blended learning program will benefit ALL Willis students and we are anxious to implement this instructional approach school-wide.
If you have questions about the iAcademy, or would like more information, please feel free to contact one of our current iAcademy teachers.
B House
Mathematics - Michael Schultz
Science - Bryce Bartley
Language Arts - Susan Yonker
Social Studies - Sarah Maddox
C House
Mathematics - Janine Hernandez
Science - Charlie Kidder
Language Arts - Amy McPherson
Social Studies - Debbie Limano
Strategies - Dorthey Broadbent
D House
Mathematics - Robert Montano
Science - Brian Fireng
Language Arts - Monica Gryder
Social Studies -Ashley Allen