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Student Safety Overview

In 1999 it was determined that the Chandler Unified School District would establish an Elementary School Safety Program.


The primary aim of the program would be to do everything possible to ensure the safety of the students, parents and school staff, as well as protecting the physical property located at each school.

To this end, individuals were hired to operate the program and undertake the positions of School Security Officers (SSOs).  Each of the officers brought with them experience in the law enforcement field.


While each of the School Security Officers is assigned to a number of schools, their responsibility is District wide and they respond to any location within the District where their services are required.  They must rely on a strong working relationship with the administrative staff of each school.


Each of the SSOs brings to the position years of experience in dealing with people and security issues.  To better allow them to serve the schools, each attends training as deemed beneficial by the District Office.


Because of the close working relationship which develops, the SSO can recognize the people that belong on each school campus./  Being able to determine that an individual doesn’t belong on a campus, and challenge them is very important to the overall safety of the school’s students and staff.

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