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Open Enrollment Information

The 2015-2016 information will be available soon. Please do not use the 2014-2015
Open Enrollment Application below as the application is being revised for the
next school year.
2014-2015 Information:
  • A completed application for each student may be submitted beginning Monday, January 13
  • Turn in the application to the 1st school of choice or the District office
  • If new to CUSD, your request must have the most recent grade report or transcript, attendance and discipline report
  • Applications will not be accepted by fax or e-mail
  • Submitting multiple applications will result in the applications being denied or admission being revoked
  • Providing false information on the open enrollment application will result in the application being denied or admission being revoked
  • The parent/guardian must confirm the acceptance of the approved open enrollment with the school within fifteen (15) working days from the approved date or the seat will be given to the next applicant.

*If you reside in the Chandler Unified School District, we request that you register your child at their home attendance boundary school. If you are unsure of your home school site, please view the boundary maps by clicking here. If your child’s Open Enrollment application is approved, their records will be transferred to the approved school.


Open Enrollment enables Arizona students to attend public schools outside their attendance area. In accordance with state law, the District has established an open enrollment policy and implemented an open enrollment program without charging tuition for non-resident students and resident transfer students. Open Enrollment packets are available at all schools, the District Office and online.

Student Definitions

  • Non-Resident Student: a student who resides outside of the District's boundaries, but who seeks to enroll in the District.
  • Resident Transfer Student: a student who resides in the District, but who seeks to enroll in a school outside of the student's attendance area.
Admission Criteria
The District shall determine if non-resident students and resident transfer students will be admitted in accordance with the following criteria:
  • The school in which the student seeks to enroll has the capacity to serve the student without adversely impacting educational opportunities for resident students attending their resident school. Factors to be considered in making this determination include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Physical capacity of the school building and classrooms. Excess capacity for open enrollment is estimated on or before April 15. If no excess capacity exists then applications will be denied. If excess capacity is anticipated, the applications will be reviewed and will continue until capacity allows.
    • Availability of staff members to service students at each site.
    • Capacity in relevant special programs.
    • Availability of other resources.
  • The student's prior status in the educational and juvenile court system, including:
    • Whether the student has been suspended by another school or is in the process of being suspended or expelled by any other school.
    • Whether the student is in compliance with any conditions imposed by a juvenile court.

Failure to disclose the above information on the Open Enrollment application will result in revocation of the student's acceptance for open enrollment.

  • The student's admission does not violate the provisions of a court order or agreement of desegregation in the student's resident district.
  • Acceptance is on a year-by-year basis and subject to re-application and review each year.
Early Kindergarten Enrollment
Children must turn (5) years of age by August 31 to initially enroll in the District's regular kindergarten program. Families with children who are being tested for early entrance into kindergarten may submit an Open Enrollment Application and then may enroll contingent upon successful early entrance testing. (To be considered for Early Entry Testing, the child's birthday must be between September 1 and December 31.)
Enrollment Priority Groups

In accordance with A.R.S. 15-816 and Policy JFB, the District will give enrollment priority to applicants in the following order, as long as their enrollment can be accomplished in accordance with the District's admission criteria:

  1. Resident transfer students who currently attend the school and their siblings
  2. Children of employee and previously accepted and enrolled non-resident students
  3. Resident transfer students
  4. Previously accepted and enrolled non-resident students' siblings
  5. Non-resident students

Application Procedures

The student's parent/guardian completes the Open Enrollment application and submits it to the school in which the student seeks to enroll or to the District administrative offices. Multiple applications are not accepted. Applications will not be accepted by fax or e-mail. The following criteria applies:

  • A completed application for each student may be submitted beginning January 13 and no later than April 15.
  • Applications for initial Open Enrollment acceptance will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, within each enrollment priority group.
  • Names of applicants who cannot be accommodated or who submitted their application after April 15 will be placed on a waiting list established for each enrollment priority group.
  • The parent/guardian will be notified of the decision by June 30.
  • The parent/guardian must confirm the acceptance of the approved open enrollment with the school within fifteen (15) working days from the approved date or the seat will be given to the next applicant.

The District will determine whether the student's admission would be in conformity with its admission criteria. Applications may be denied due to school, grade level, or to special program enrollment limitations. The parent/guardian will be notified in writing whether the application has been accepted, denied or placed on a waiting list.


The District does not transport Open Enrollment students except as set forth in A.R.S. 15-816.

Tarwater Kindergarten Mandarin Program
If your child is approved for an Open Enrollment for this program and decide not to continue with the Mandarin Dual Enrollment track, you will need to reapply to continue at Tarwater in the general education track.  Approval of the Open Enrollment will be based on capacity of the grade level requesting.

Compliance With Rules

Once students are accepted and attending the school of choice, they must comply with school rules. Excessive absences, tardiness or negligence by the parent/guardian in sending the student to school may result in the student's open enrollment being revoked. Failure to comply with school rules is a breach of agreement and a cause for open enrollment revocation. Before revocation for breach of agreement, the principal or designee conducts an informal hearing with the student, parent/guardian and other appropriate persons. The principal explains the alleged conduct that violates the rules or regulations. Those rules and regulations may include standards of academic effort, conduct and attendance. Students are given an opportunity to respond. After the hearing the principal decides if revocation of open enrollment status is appropriate.

Grades 9-12 Special Note

Eligibility for athletics and certain extracurricular activities may be affected when students transfer from one school to another.  A student considering transfer is advised to discuss his/her situation with the Athletic Director at the site of current enrollment.