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World Studies

World Studies

*Note: This class will not be offered for the 2013 - 2014 school year

Welcome to World Studies!

(full year:  2 Credits) 

Co-taught by Mrs Skufca and Mrs.Acker

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Course Objective:

This class approaches history and literature in a nontraditional way in that it looks at common threads of humanity over time – trade, writing, religion, politics, society and technology – and it investigates how these things have changed and continued over time in different places. It should be challenging, interesting, and help to bring about a better understanding of the world we live in today. Emphasis will be placed on reading and writing assignments. Higher expectations will be the standard for all assignments, tests, and quizzes. This class combines World History and English 9 to create World Studies where the curriculum from both disciplines will be used to reinforce the other discipline by making connections between history, cultures, and literature.World history and geography covers the time periods from early civilizations to the present.Critical thinking, study skills, problem solving, teamwork, and the integration of all forms of technology will be encouraged so that students see the interconnectedness of the essential questions from both history and English.This course also includes historical interpretation, primary source review, and analysis skills while emphasizing writing skills, literature, and vocabulary.Writing activities give students practice in organizing and developing narrative, cause and effect, and compare and contrast compositions, literary reviews and research papers.Mastery of the writing process is expected to demonstrate student’s ability to critically think about the world.In addition, students study short stories, novels, poetry, and a Shakespearean play.The class meets two periods every day.This course will be taught collaboratively by the English 9 and World History teacher for the benefit of the student learner to see the thematic correlations between history and literature.


This course is formed for the purpose of encouraging students to take honors/AP courses by providing them with the hidden curriculum many first time honors/AP students do not possess.This rigorous environment will teach students how to read, write, and think critically since the majority of the course will delve deeper than the standards.The environment will create students with strong study habits who seek to enter honors/AP classes in the future.

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